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xpath, selenium, starts-with, contains, text

In xpath we can use functions, when we are familiar with the details of element.
The element details we can find in the inspector tools like firebug..etc


1. suppose there is an element in the html like
then in xpath
         here . refer to the text in the element

2. suppose there is an element in the html like
software testing help for sample

to recognize the above element, in xpath

3. for the same above example we can also use
       driver.findElement(By.xpath("//div[contains(@id,'testing') or contains(@name,'sample')]"));

TestNG, Junit Difference, Advantage of TestNG over Junit Framework, Selenium Framework

Advantage of TestNG over JUnit Framework--Selenium

. TestNG has default index.html results report created and we can also customise the report using listeners
. TestNG has more annotations like @BeforeTest,@AfterTest, @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite,@BeforeGroup,@AfterGroup...etc

. TestNG has DataProvider annotation to specify the testdata and parameterize
. TestNG has a features to configure dependency tests.
. TestNG has annotations for creating Groups for methods
. TestNG has .xml file to integrate multiple tests and run also parameterise the browser  to run the script
. TestNG the methods can be set priority

Difference btween QTP and Selenium

sno HP UFT (QTP)                           Selenium Better
1 Licensed Tool (costly) Open Source Tool ( no cost) Selenium
2 Supports for Desktop(windows) based (like java, .net, SAP, Oracle ERP…etc) and Web based applications only for web based applications QTP
3 easy to develop the scripts as it provides built in objects, methods..etc little complex to integrate third party tools and write programming from scratch QTP
4 scripts are developed only in QTP Window scripts are developed in different  IDEs like Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans Selenium
5 Scripts are developed only using VBScript Scripts are developed using JAVA, C#,  Ruby, Perl, Phython,Groovy..etc Selenium
6 provides object repository so that it is easy to add objects and store the properties to recognize objects there is no object repository, all properties are written in the code only QTP
7 Tool can be integrated with HP QC for test management and defect reporting There are no tools to integrate QTP
8 Very good support as we buy the license Has to depend on forums, groups for help QTP
9 very good help documents to learn and explore no good help provided by the tool with examples and should explore from diff sources QTP
10 dedicated system needed to run the scripts, cannot interrup in middle the system used to run the script, we can perform other work and scripts are running in background Selenium
11 supports mainly for IE browser and also supports for firefox and chrome supports for all the browsers IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera Selenium
12 supports only on windows OS supports on windows, Linux, Mac OS Selenium



1. How  do you  run QTP Scripts from QC

2. How do you Export Test Cases from Ms-Excel to Quality Center

3. What is the meaning of Fuzz Testing

4. What is Story board Testing

5. What is the meaning of defect Triaze, defect density,defect clustering

Name : xxxxxxxxxxx

Phone : 99999999999

Email : xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Career Objective :


Education (Specialization) College , University Year of Education Percentage

B.Tech (IT) Badruka college, OU 2004- 2008 70%



Trainings Attended

1. Software Testing : Completed Software Testing Program at Mind Q Systems

2. Personality Development : Attended Training at Badruka college

Technical Skills

Software Testing : Manual Testing , Automation (QTP), QC, LoadRunner

Programming Language : C, Java

Database : ORACLE, SQL Server

Web Technologies : HTML, JavaScript

As part of Training in Mind Q I underwent intensive Training on Software Testing and Test Automation as detailed below,

• Requirement Analysis

• Identification of Test Scenarios

• Test Case Authoring

• Test Case Design Techniques

• Test Execution

• Reporting and Tracking Defects

• Working with Configuration Management Tools

Functional Test Automation using QTP

• VBScript

• Understanding of Frameworks

• Descriptive programming

• Data Driven Testing

Test Management using Quality Center which includes

• Design Test Cases in Test Plan

• Execution of Test Cases in Test Lab

• Report and Tracking Defects

• Preparing RTM

• Generating Reports & Graphs

• Customization of QC for the Project.

Academic Project

Project Name :

Duration :

Role :

Technologies :

Description :



Personal Details

Name :

Father’s Name :

Gender :

Date of Birth :

Permanent Address :

Contact Address :

Phone No :

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief

Place : Signature

Date :


1. what is  the executable file in QTP ?

2. What is difference between error, defect, bug and failure

3. Explain what is Defect life cycle

4. what is difference between SDLC and STLC

5. What is difference between project Testing and Application Testing

UFT 12 new features , QTP 12 , ALM , QTP ALM Integration

Finally  UFT 12 is Released and below are the quick look of new features

  • ·         Platform is much more stable and script performance
  • ·         UFT 12 is backward compatible with ALM 11.x versions
  • ·         Improvements in Integration with ALM
  • ·         UFT Installation: faster, smaller, and more secure
  • ·         Additional support for HTML5 Objects on web applicatons
  • ·         Support for the latest versions of each of the browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari)
  • ·         ALM AUT Parameters—Now for GUI tests too
  • ·         New UFT look and feel for BPT
  • ·         Run GUI tests on safari from a remote Mac computer
  • ·         Conditionally upload run results to ALM after a Run Session
  • ·         Run both GUI and API tests using virtualized services
  • ·         Creating web service activities by importing a network capture into an API Test
  • ·         Import a Web Application Description Language (WADL) for API tests
  • ·         New testing extensibility support for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012
  • ·         Run flex tests on Multiple UFT Instances Simultaneously (Windows Sever)
  • ·         UFT 12 C.pngConnect to ALM Using External Authentication (e.g. CAC)
  • ·         Find help more easily and new, web-based Help
  • ·         Use the Run Results Deletion Tool Directly from the Run Results Viewer
  • ·         More detailed reporting options in the UFT Self Check Tool
  • ·         Stop your run session Using a shortcut key
  • ·         Enable or disable test runs to stop at breakpoints during an ALM or Automation Run
  • ·         See details of your test's virtualized services in the run results
  • ·         Continue running GUI tests on a remote computer after disconnecting
  • ·         Simplified parameter management
  • ·         Simplified configuration for flex applications
  • ·         New flex test object methods and properties
  • ·         Specify areas to ignore in an Insight Test Object Image
  • ·         Pass output parameters from a called API test back to the calling GUI test
  • ·         Make your ALM or Network-Based GUI Tests into Portable Tests
  • ·         Create 64-Bit COM object references
  • ·         Action templates and external properties are back
  • ·         Use the errors pane to detect unmapped repository parameters
  • ·         Add-in enhancements for Web, Dojo, and SAP

UFT 12: Minimum system requirements
Computer Processor      :               1.6 Ghz or higher
Operating System          :               Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Memory                         :               Minimum of 2 GB when no more than three add-ins are loaded simultaneously

An additional 512 MB of RAM are required when using a virtual machine.
Additional memory is required when loading more add-ins and when using the Save movie to results option to capture movies during run sessions.
Hard Disk Drive:                5400 RPM
Color Settings:   High Color (16 bit)
Graphics Card:   Graphics card with 64 MB video memory
Free Hard Disk Space:    2 GB of free disk space for application files and folders
You must also have an additional 1 GB of free disk space on the system disk (the disk on which the operating system is installed).

Support :
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