QTP 11 .00

New Features of QTP 11.00

Manage Your Test Data
Quality Center (HP ALM) test configuration functionality enables  to determine at runtime which data sets to use for the tests in Test Plan.
ALM test configurations enable to
Unbind Test data from the tests
Share common Test data for different tests
Filter Test  data to fit for the testing needs
Increase requirements traceability
We can store the Test data for the tests in the Quality Center Test Resources module in the form of data table resource files.

Test Your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test
The new QuickTest-Service Test integration provides to test across the GUI and non-GUI layers of the application.
We can use QuickTest steps to start testing the GUI elements in the application, then call a Service Test test to validate service communications (standard Web Services, non-SOAP Web Services, such as REST, etc.), and then step back into your QuickTest GUI testing, all in a single test run.
The results of the QuickTest and Service Test steps are displayed in a unified report in the new Run Results Viewer.

New Run Results Viewer
The new Run Results Viewer provides an Executive Summary page with summary data, pie charts and statistics for both the current and previous runs, a quick link to the previous run results, and more.

Help QuickTest Identify Your Objects as a Manual Tester Would – VISUALLY
We can use visual relation identifiers to identify application objects based on other objects that are always near them, We can configure this in Object Repository for the Test Objects.

Collaborate with Developers to Pinpoint Defects Using Log Tracking
QuickTest's new Log Tracking functionality helps to work with developers to pinpoint the root causes of unexpected behavior in the application.
When log tracking is enabled, QuickTest receives the Java or .NET log framework messages from the application and embeds them in the run results.

Out-of-the-Box Support for Web 2.0 Toolkit Applications
QuickTest 11.00 provides Web Add-in Extensibility-based add-ins for ASP .NET Ajax, GWT, Yahoo UI, and Dojo Web 2.0 toolkits.
We can use these add-ins just as any other add-in. We can also use Web Add-in Extensibility or Extensibility Accelerator to customize the provided support to match the needs

New Web Testing Capabilities
Many new testing capabilities are now available for working with Web-Based objects.
Firefox Testing.
XPath, CSS, Identifiers.
Event Identifiers.

Automatically Parameterize Steps
We can instruct QuickTest to automatically parameterize the steps in the test's actions at the end of a recording session.
We can select this option in the General tab of the Options dialog box. We can set the option to use Global Data Table Parameters or Test Parameters.

When the Script is recorded automatically all the constant values in the script are parameterized with the selected option

Example  :

Window("Flight Reservation").Activate
Window("Flight Reservation").WinMenu("Menu").Select Parameter("Menu_Item")
Window("Flight Reservation").Dialog("Open Order").WinCheckBox("Order No.").Set Parameter("WinCheckBox_Value")
Window("Flight Reservation").Dialog("Open Order").WinEdit("Edit").Set Parameter("Edit_Text")
Window("Flight Reservation").Dialog("Open Order").WinButton("OK").Click
Window("Flight Reservation").Activate

New Silverlight Add-in
We can use the new Silverlight Add-in to test objects in Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 applications.

Extend WPF and Silverlight Support

Use Extensibility Accelerator for Web Add-in Extensibility Development

It's Easier Than Ever to Insert Regular Expressions

Load Function Libraries at Run Time
LoadFunctionLibrary “pathof .qfl”,”path of .qfl”………

Avoid Downtime Due to License Server Failures

Improved Documentation Structure Helps You Find the Information You Need

Product Enhancements
QuickTest now offers the following product and feature enhancements. Click a link to view more details about the selected item.

New Object Spy Functionality
            Apart from show the properties of objects, we can add object in repository, Highligt object in app, copy object properties

Compare, Merge, and Export Object Repositories with Checkpoints and Output Values
We can now manage checkpoints and output value objects when comparing, merging, and exporting object repositories just like any other test object, including filtering, searching, and conflict resolution

Add Images to Your Run Results
            Reporter.ReportEvent status, stepname,details, imagepath/captured image

New Dual Monitor Support
QuickTest Professional recognizes objects across multiple monitors, meaning that the application display no longer needs to be limited to one screen. Alternatively, we can view QuickTest Professional on one monitor while the steps run on your application on another monitor

New Web Test Object Operations
The following methods are available for testing Web-based applications:
AnyWebBasedObject.RightClick / MiddleClick

New WpfTable Test Object
Hide the Keyword View
Enable Running QTP Tests on Minimized RDP Session Windows
See Version Control Status of Tests, Components, and Function Libraries at a Glance
Business Process Testing Enhancements
Web Add-in Extensibility Enhancements
Get Critical Updates Using the New HP Update Tool
Extended Trial Period for QuickTest Seat License
Updated QuickTest Asset Upgrade Tool for HP ALM and Quality Center